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We will continue to bring you the latest report on this shoe. source: sneakerbardetroitto the car to see the vicissitudes of life Eighteen years the 1937 years later, most of the time in China in the war, first during the war of resistance against Japanese aggression (1937~1945 years), followed by the war between Kuomintang and the Communist victory in 1949, the last is the Korean War (1950~1953 years). The The economy, which Retro jordans for sale was once able to develop between the two world wars, was largely stagnant. one of the impact of the war of resistance against Japan is a serious shortage of gasoline in China, which greatly limits the use of cars, a new type of personal transport tricycle came into being. It is the speed of the bicycle, carrying capacity and manpower vehicle. So far do not know exactly the inventor of the tricycle, but in 1920s in Asia, some cities invariably appeared i cheap jordan shoes for men n a number of more or less. Shanghai as early as 1924 on a tricycle. Tricycle at that time be regarded as the threat of motorized transport. In 1927, Shanghai are prohibited from driving the vehicle in the city's public concession and Chinese management area in the streets. After the outbreak of Anti Japanese War, the tricycle as a non motor vehicle replacement of the car appeared again. At the end of the war in 1945, Shanghai has 6000 tricycle, in 1949, Cheap air jordans for sale increased to 26570. tricycle fundamentally replaced the rickshaw, thanks in January 1946 national government enacted a command. It requires rickshaw phased out over the next three years. It is likely that the human vehicle exploitation, inhuman, culture, the image of the retrograde, and promote the development of this order. Since then the number of human cars dropped. Shanghai in prewar rickshaw over 60000 vehicles. In 1947 when 12670 vehicles. In 1949 when only 3659 vehicles, many rickshaw pullers accept re training and become a pedicab driver. In 1956, Shanghai's last human vehicle retired, it was sent to the Shanghai Museum as a historical antique. Guangzhou, the situation is similar to the end of 3 in 1949, 4500 of the public human powered vehicles used to rent more than half were eliminated. 1948 in August, American Sinologist Pott (Derk Bodde, 1909~2003, and a former president of the American Oriental society, mainly studies Chinese Legal History) in 11 years after leaving China, again came to China, he noticed, Beijing "compared with the past, one of the biggest changes is old-fashioned rickshaws are new type, foreigners call for tricycle he replaced. With the introduction of the tricycle in Japan, the human vehicle has been abandoned ". It can be said that the end of the rickshaw, predates the Communist regime took over the country. the reduction of wartime motor transport equipment and manpower vehicles were eliminated, the bicycle is the beneficiary. Shanghai's number of bicycles, in 1929 to 1948 years, almost an increase of eight times, from about 40 thousand to 230 thousand units. During the period of the 1948~1949, travel magazine published by four rubber manufacturer invested, and bicycle tyre related advertising increasing, indirectly confirmed the increasing popularity of the bicycle.